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Professional Detailing Info

Having your vehicle professionally detailed on a regular basis is a habit that not only helps protect the investment you've made in your car, but also gives you back the feeling that you had when you first purchased it.

Automotive detailing is the process of meticulously cleaning and restoring a vehicle's appearance, both inside and out.

With a variety of packages and options available, using only Meguiar's line of Professional Products, your vehicle can be brought back to its original pristine state in 4 to 8 hours

No, we're not miracle-workers, we just know how much you love your car.

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Detailing Packages & Options
Ultimate Interior

You spend a lot of time inside your car - things are spilled, dashboards get dusty, life happens. Sure, it's got a cozy "lived-in" feel, but let us surprise you with what the interior of your vehicle could be, even after all this time.

The Ultimate Interior entails pedals, vents, door jambs, windows, sunroof, mirrors, and dash, and a thorough air-cleaning and dusting. Floormats, carpets, and upholstery are cleaned, vacuumed and shampooed and leather is cleaned and conditioned.

You've always heard that inner-beauty was important.

Ultimate Exterior

Remember when that shopping cart ran into your door and scratched its nice paint-job? Your car does.

The Ultimate Exterior package goes beyond any car wash with oxidation, bug, and tar removal (if possible), and a polish, wax, and seal. Scratches are removed, paint is touched up (additional charge may apply), wheels and tires are cleaned, protected, and dressed, windows and glass are thoroughly cleaned, and the engine is degreased; everything down to to the door jambs is taken care of.
Your car and your mom could both use a day at the spa... we can at least help with the car.

Ultimate Detail

A combination of both the Interior and Exterior Packages, this option is truly the ultimate detail. To fully restore your vehicle to its former glory, we go over every nook and cranny, inside and out.

The Ultimate Detail includes the entire Ultimate Interior and Ultimate Exterior packages.

That means we will be taking care of your engine compartment, wheels and tires, painted surfaces, windows and glass, door jambs, carpet and upholstery or leather, dashboards, trim console and door panels plus miscellaneous and extras.

It's the whole enchilada.


It can be hard to find time in your busy schedule to get your vehicle fully and meticulously cleaned; most days it's lucky if you can take a shower yourself.

Both the Express Interior and Express Wax options, while a little less thorough, might be what you need.

The Express Interior gives you clean carpet, upholstery, dash, console, trim, and interior windows and glass.

The Express Wax comes with a wash and wax as well as cleaned wheels, tires, and exterior windows.

Take care of the vehicle that takes care of you.